Soccer in Round Rock

Both girls started back in soccer. Megan was a little questionable in practice, just not really interested. But when her first game came on Saturday she was all over the place. Just a fireball. I was cheering and laughing so hard. She is fast, of course they get that from me. And she was one of the few on her team paying attention. So she could chase that ball like no one else. I think she must have saved 5 or 6 goals from going in because she would chase the player down and kick the ball out. I was so proud of her, because that is not a skill that they work on, it was just instinct for her. She did lose a little momentum when she had to sit out, but it was the best soccer game I had watched for her. Next up Alyssa.

One thought on “Soccer in Round Rock

  1. How fun to watch! Way to go Megan!!! You rock on parties Julie- looks like a very fun time. 🙂

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