Another year of preschool

My little girls started back to preschool yesterday. It is hard to get one kid in school and then wait 3 weeks before the others get to go. After waiting so long, they were both ready and excited. They are going 2x a week at a church minutes from the house. I picked solely based on location, but I think the school will be good as well.

Megan, of course, had to pick out a “beautiful” dress to wear to school. There is no convincing that girl of picking an outfit based on seasons, weather or an activity. She was also determined to play a little hopscotch before school. She got out her chalk and found her rock and had a few rounds before we got in the car.

Audrey was a little hesitant when I left. Probably because she has been glued to her “bubby” since she was born and I decided to break her of that habit on the first day of school. I have a feeling she convinced her teacher to get it out of the backpack just this once. She had a good day, did not nap, but who can blame her.

Megan did great. She walked right in, scoped things out and began playing. I can’t believe this is her last year of preschool. I have to intentionally remind myself this is our last year together. I am hoping it is a great year.

One thought on “Another year of preschool

  1. All three of your girls are so beautiful!!! They are all so grown up…

    It will be a good year. This is the year that the Lord hath made! : )

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