Valentine’s Dance

Ethan had the chance to take all three girls to the Valentine’s Dance at our church. I thought he may just want to do the older girls, but he was all in. And of course, with all three going, I just had to go shopping. I took Megan and Audrey one day and Megan went straight to her choice. She tried it on and twirled in the dressing room like a bride. No doubt, it had to be bought. Audrey’s was really my choice, but she is still compliant enough to like it. I took Alyssa one night and got a good glimpse into our future. She didn’t like what I picked and I certainly didn’t like what she picked. How long can we hold off the teenage years? We finally headed to the dressing room with about 5 dresses. One was itchy, one twirled good, one didn’t twirl, wrong color – you get the idea. She was actually trying hard to pick the one she knew I liked, but in the end I let her choose.

Dressed, tights, hair x 3 and they were off. The girls had a blast and danced the whole 2 hours, Ethan said. Megan walked into the room and headed straight to the front to dance by the big speakers, while Alyssa hung by Daddy and shared a few dances together. One of many special nights to come with the privilege of three girls.

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