Life on video

January – Alyssa: Talent Show
June – Alyssa: Piano Recital
September – Audrey: First Gymnastics class
November – Alyssa: Baptism


December – Megan, Audrey: Christmas Show
March – Audrey: Audrey at bedtime
March – Alyssa: Piano practice
March – Megan, Audrey: KOTK Spring songs


December – Alyssa: Piano Recital
December – Megan, Audrey: Christmas Program
August – Alyssa: Starting 2nd Grade
July – Family: Great Wolf Lodge
June – Alyssa: 7th Birthday Skating Party
January – Sledding: Winter Fun


December – Audrey: Walking
November – Audrey: 1st Bite of Cake
August – Megan: 1st Day of Preschool
July – Audrey: First Crawls
July – Megan: Being Megan
May – Megan: Reads the Three Bears
May – Audrey: First Cereal
May – Remembering Noah’s Birthday
February – Bowling: Megan
February – Audrey: Cooing at 3 months
January – The Circus


December – Family: Decorating Cookies
September – Megan: 2nd Birthday
September – Alyssa: New soccer season
September – Girls: Happy Birthday to Nana
August – Alyssa: 1st Day of kindergarten
May – Alyssa: Preschool Graduation
March – Family: Big Sisters
March – Family: Easter Song
March – Family: A look at snow


December – Alyssa: Christmas Program
November – Family: Musical Talents
September – Megan: A Year of Pictures
September – Alyssa: Bible Stories
September – Alyssa: First soccer game
May – Megan at play: Crawling
January – Alyssa and Megan: Playtime

November – Megan’s Playtime: 8 weeks old
September – Big Sister in action: Songs & Books for Megan
September – Megan: First Footage
August – Alyssa’s singing debut: Your Nobody
January – Julie’s 30th Birthday: My Life

Noah Allen Whaley: Memories

Alyssa playing: Ring around the Rosies
Alyssa’s cupcake: 1st Birthday
Beginning to walk: 1000 miles

First cereal at 6 months: Where’s my dinner?
Alyssa’s first sounds: Coos