Headed to MD Anderson

IMG_0780We finally got the appointment that we were waiting on with a doctor at MD Anderson. Its amazing how difficult it really is to see these guys. Not just MD Anderson. We had to jump through hoops to try to see the Baylor doctor as well. We forwarded records and images and waited 2-3 days for her to review my history before she would confirm an appointment. Then we hear that she does not accept Humana, something you would have thought they would check first. I am still interested in seeing her, but we will go to MD Anderson next Tuesday and see how things go there first. I don’t really know what we are hoping to hear. I feel like I have my heart exposed and anything could come back. My biggest prayer is that the treatment plan will be consistent with what my doctor here wants to do and I will not be left with a decision to be made on our end.

Chemo was on Monday and Wednesday/Thursday hit me pretty good. I have done this routine 16 times and I am still surprised every time. Most of my pain and fatigue comes from the Neulasta shot that I get on Tuesday. It leaves me with a headache, achy body and just tired. So yesterday after I took the girls to school, I might have crawled back in bed. Today, I woke up feeling like my old self. I have got a little work to do today, 3 soccer games tomorrow and life goes on… We don’t have time for cancer around here.

I will update after the appointment on Tuesday. Thank you friends, near and far, who are walking beside us.

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