Half way done

This post is long, LONG, overdue. To my friends who have checked back often, only to be disappointed, I am sorry. I have bumped into many who have asked how things are going and they mention that they haven’t heard anything. You see, from my perspective there is not a lot to share, not a lot has changed. But that is because I am caught up on all the doctor visits and chemo treatments. It’s true, not a lot has changed, but I realize that many of you just want to read that.

I am scheduled for 8 rounds of chemo. That is the max that my doc wanted to do assuming that I “handled” the treatments and was able to tolerate it. Lucky for me, I guess, I tolerate chemo well. So I will have a total of 8 rounds, which will take me up to October. Last week, I finished round #4 — half way! I wish that it felt like I was on the home stretch, but it doesn’t . There is so much un-fun stuff left with this fight, that honestly the chemo seems to be the easy part. But then as I begin to type, I am drawn back to previous posts. I always enjoy reading them. And I see how much I have been through. The office visits, the unknowns, the pain, the worry… Now I am going through the motions, kinda the quiet before the storm. I say “storm”, because the idea of surgery seems torturous in my mind. Barbaric. And I try not to look too much in the future because my mind with get stuck on that.

I have switched to a 28 day cycle. That means that Day 1, I have the Carbo/Gemzar and Day 14, I have just the Gemzar. Each of those days is followed by a Neulasta shot that boosts my bone marrow to make more white blood cells to recover quicker. The shot is the main source of my “down days” which causes headaches, tiredness and fogginess. By Friday, I am usually back to normal, so it is short lived. My treatments have been going well. I joke with the doc a little, enjoy the nurse who treats me, and I usually get to bring along a friend each time. The word from my oncologist and surgeon is that the cancer is shrinking. They will not do a MRI until before surgery, but they are confident that the cancer is responding to the chemo.

I hope to get back on here soon with more of my heart, because there is a lot on it. Until then please continue to pray for us:
1. That the cancer continues to respond and shrink
2. That Ethan and I keep our eyes on God when doubt and worry of the future is upon us
3. That my mind and body are preparing for surgery
4. That God can use me and my experiences to encourage and bless others

A few selfies of my chemo buddies.




2 thoughts on “Half way done

  1. So happy to see your smiling face! We pray every night for you and the family! Hugs and Love!!!
    Mel Mel

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I am one of those that is always checking your blog for updates. Your positive spirit is such an encouragement.

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