Biopsy Results

We have been waiting for several weeks on biopsy results. The first core biopsy did not have enough live cells to determine the specifics of the cancer, so the needle biopsy was done last week. My original cancer was ER+, PR+ and HER2 -. The docs were at least hopeful that this time it would be HER2+ because that gave them another drug to use to target that protein and basically cut off the cancer’s fuel source. The news today is that I am what they call triple negative (Triple Negative Breast Cancer). All I know right now is that the drug they could have given me to fight the HER2+ cancer, won’t do me any good now.

I did receive some very good news however. The BART genetic test that I took, came back with no mutations. So I am BRCA 1, BRCA 2, and BART clear. My girls will have an automatic high risk for breast cancer, but at least it is not in the DNA.

It’s the day after chemo, and I am doing okay. I notice a little sleepiness, but can’t do much about that today. We will wait and see if the days ahead hit harder.

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  1. Dear ones, know that each of you is loved and prayed for daily. May our Lord keep you free of those nasty, pesky side effects!

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